Pretty in Pastel

Ever had a dress with crazy sentimental value? Yep, this is one of those dresses my daughters will fight over years from now because I’m not about to let it go! Sometimes I just literally crack up when I look at it… Madness! But I shall spare you the soppy gory details (…go figure;-))

Right. Okay.

When I picked out this dress it looked so sophisticated and very ladylike but now I’m not sure about this colour, it is thee most difficult pastel colour I’ve ever had to style or accessorise. I don’t even like green, in any shade, it’s my least favorite color.  It’s definitely a brides maids dresses colour. I don’t know what colour shoes to wear with it! It kinda drives me up the walls! In the past I wore it with full black shoes to a wedding but let’s not even try revisit that fashion disaster. Because #WeKnowBetterNow


 It’s such a pretty and good quality dress to let go to waste and gather dust in my closet. Looks great in pics tho! Had me channeling my inner Tyra Banks LOL… Not sure about pairing it with nude cream/ beige shades so I’ve settled for metallics. A strappy sandal, not a full shoe. How this will look? I don’t know! But this is what Google and Pinterest had to offer on this one :-/

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Help a sister out! Leave your comments and suggestions below.

Oufit details: Dress- Fashion Fusion (in Nelspruit)

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AngieTinashe 😘

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