Review: Clinique Lipstick- Rosette & Flamenco


The folks at Clinique have the winning formula! You see the thing about metallic lipsticks is the smoothness and Rosette is perfect!  Bad quality lipsticks have what feel and look like chunky, clumpy, bumpy pieces of actual glitter in them. It’s just a mess! I don’t know how Clinique creates their metallic lipstick but it’s a super smooth shimmer, not too soft and lasts long enough (6 hours) until the next application. Rosette does not bleed over the lip line. Also, it smells really good like a light sweet floral, it doesn’t have that obvious make-up chemical smell that I HAAAATE!






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#13: Flamenco

Then they have my new favourite-High Impact SPF15 Number13: Flamenco! The colour that suits me and compliments my skin tone best is coral, it’s like a deep shade of orange. Burnt orange or warm red, either or. Pink, bright red and purple don’t really blend well for me but orange is a def Yes! It just brings out this natural glow in my skin. I am yet to find a red that suits me but I’m willing to stop looking and settle for this one. Initially when my sister gave it to me it looked like red so I wasn’t too keen on it but when I did try it out it was B.O.M.B! Love it! It is also very smooth, it looks matte but it’s actually sheen which is what stops it from bleeding over the lip line. I’m very sceptical about high impact dark colours because they are painfully drying, making your lips peel but Flamenco creamy texture which moisturised my already winter dry lips. The lipstick did leave a bit of a stain on my lips though, wasn’t too bad.



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AngieTinashe 😘


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