Fragrance Review: Donna by Valentino

Hey guys!

Both my sisters are perfume hoarding junkies so I got my sister Shamiso to review her current scent Valentino’s Donna. I think I’m going to just let them do all perfume reviews because they know their scents. Here goes!


Q: Describe Donna
Shamiso: This fragrance is very warm. It is not edgy, sharp or distinct. I don’t smell flowers but vanilla. It has a safe a comforting smell which doesn’t give me headaches. It’s very ladylike. I see colour when I smell this one, a velvet, deep plum colour. That’s what it makes me think of.

Q: Heavy or light fragrance?
Shamiso: It’s in between. It has warm lasting notes.

Q: So is it an occasion or everyday wear?
Shamiso: I’d say everyday wear. I apply it once a day and I can still smell it throughout the day. I get a lingering whiff of it as I get warmer. For example when I’m having a cup of tea I can smell it more. Heat reactive.

Q: Why this particular fragrance?
Shamiso: I was actually looking to buy Tom Ford- Noir but the price tag was heavy hey!

Q: Would you buy another Valentino fragrance?
Shamiso: Yes! Definitely. It was a great introduction to Valentino as the classic, elegant, timeless, designer brand that it is. I had a good experience of the brand.

Q: Was this Edgars purchase worth the R880 price tag?
Shamiso: Yes, the average good quality designer perfume actually costs much more, R900+. It was even cheaper than the Modern Muse Le Rouge that was a let down.

Q: Lastly, the bottle and packaging?
Shamiso: I’m not entirely impressed with the bottle. They could’ve done more with the cap, it’s so masculine and plain but I like how they modelled the cube bottle into diamonds, mimics those fancy whiskey decanters. Looks luxurious and hey! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. The Valentino gold plate is pretty too. Maybe this fragrance’s bottle looks ‘boxy’ because it’s Valentino’s female version of the Men’s 2014  fragrance Uomo. I looove the lilac-pink shade of the box! Pretty feminine shade.

Q: Any last notes?
Shamiso: This is a scent for grown women! You aint got no business wearing this if you ain’t grown! (laughs). I know I’m not 30 but it’s a thirties and above. It’s such a classic fragrance that if it was re-released decades from now I’d probably buy it again. It lasts through the ages.


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