Review: Estee Lauder- Modern Muse Le Rouge

I  … I was quite disappointed by this fragrance.

It doesn’t last!

I can hardly smell it on me so I can’t even describe or pick up the scent. I applied it three times in one day. Disappointment. M y sister actually gave me this fragrance, she said it didn’t last and I thought ‘it’s Modern Muse, it’s gotta be great!’ But nope, I couldn’t smell it either. I absolutely looooooved the original Modern Muse the first time I smelled it when I got it as a tester sample with a magazine. It was such a memorable, deep fragrance. It made me feel very happy for some reason, gave me a feeling of confidence, big girl vibes all around me. The tester sample was finished in two weeks! Also the name alone had me, being the creative that I am, I am my own muse. I am my best form and source of inspiration…  But this version of Modern Muse did nothing for me, sadly. I think Estee Lauder has created better fragrances before like Pleasures, it was very floral, fruity yet simple. It lasted all day long, did the job. Better luck next time I guess.

The stunning bottle photographs well though, if like me aesthetics are your thing…



Let me know what you think, drop your comments below ⏬

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AngieTinashe 😘

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