Jumpin into Spring!

Happy Spring Day!!!

I must say spring is a big deal to a lot of people,  so many spring day posts on Instagram today. I guess people are always ready to embrace the newness that is spring and show those legs! Haha


To be honest,  jumpsuits are not my favorite when it comes to the fitting. They are the hardest thing to find a decent fit, nevermind a perfect fit. If the bottom fits then the top doesn’t fit and if the top fits then the bottom doesn’t fit. Then the jumpsuit is too short for my long body.  It’s just a mess! Finding this jumpsuit was a miracle even though I’m not entirely satisfied with the fit.  Jumpsuits are meant to be tailor made and I’m fine with that. It’s all about proportions.



Anyway let me not get too hung up over this outfit and just rock the heck out of it! I’m off to go find me some ice cream and pretty nail polish. 

🌼 🌼  🌼

AngieTinashe 😘

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