Short hair, shorts & shades

Like,  I couldn’t be any more ready for the heat even if I tried!

I just looove spring!  It brings newness, fresh ideas, clean air,  all the stuffiness is out the window and I’ve got sooo much energy. I was blasting up some Naija beats and  dancing while I was  ironing yesterday. Maybe I should start jogging again, use up all this energy effectively. Now I can wake up two hours earlier than I did in winter and get so much stuff done,  like blogging 🙂

I draw a lot of inspiration from the bright lime green colour on all the trees right now and the tiny white, pink and purple flowers that are going to grow into juicy peaches and apricots. I cannot wait to eat those large  yellow mangoes from Venda and litchis with brown crusty shells too. I’m a very visual  thinker hey. I think in colour, shapes and texture.

I’m quite happy I live in a country that allows me to appreciate spring a lot more after the gloomy,  dry, cold weather. This newness brings new life,  hope,  joy, excitement and optimism,  a chance to let go of and acknowledge what has passed in order to look forward to the future. I get to start again, go back to the drawing board or create a new board all together.  Reassess and ‘spring clean’ my mind. I don’t believe in setting major life goals according to the calendar because God doesn’t work within the parameters of the 12 months in a year. So I can start something new right now and not have to fulfill it by December 31st.

Oh! I feel so good! Amazing things are coming.


🔹 🔷 🔹

Happy Spring!

AngieTinashe 😘

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