‘Houndstooth’ means exactly that: a dog’s tooth. What a blonde moment I had the day I realised this. But I know I’m not the only one, I probably just schooled some of you. Lol. Houndstooth is actually a Scottish weaving pattern  for woven wool aka ‘broken checks’ making it an autumn/winter staple.

It has become one of the world’s most iconic pattern and print making its first fashion debut in the 1880s and being featured on Alexander McQueen and Christian Dior runways among many haute couture designers. Yep,  when people talk of vintage classics this one is high up on the list. I kinda don’t like how it’s gone mainstream over the years, I mean houndstooth printed leggings and Ts are awful! This pattern mainly belongs to the heavy knits, tweed and wool in the form of coats,  caps and formal suits. Over the years the pattern has become a print, blown up in size and varries in colour combination apart from the original black and white.


When wearing a print as bold as Houndstooth your only option is to keep it simple and chic,  the print speaks for itself so the red leather gloves and semi square shaped sunnies were a perfect match along with the blazer. A very European winter look. The leather jacket is for more of a modern updated look.











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Have a gorgeous week and thanks for stopping by. Xx

AngieTinashe 😘


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