Weekend Outfit: Heels x Sweaters

You know when you want to wear a comfy, easy laid back sweater but you also want to look stylish and ladylike, not too boyish with the sneakers? Yeah this is that look.  I glammed mine up with heels. Perfect for a chilled Saturday afternoon. You can actually wear your sneakers during the day while running those Saturday errands then change into heels later on.  This look reminds  me of the Tom boy who blossomed into a lady and a new trend called ‘Athleisure’  that’s making the rounds on fashion blogs lately. Athleisure is a combination of athletic apparel and casual wear or athletic apparel turned into leisure wear rather. I think that’s what Beyoncé’s ‘Ivy Park’ range is all about. Think yoga pants! Truth be told, your work out clothes are far more comfortable than jeans. Heck! I wear a sports bra 4-5 days of the week.  The  key is to wear a statement sweater to avoid the boring ‘just left the gym’  look. Besides a quirky statement just makes it more fun and casual. This look is also great if you just want to show off a hot pair of heels or new bag. 


This look was inspired by two of my many favourite bloggers:

Monica of ‘Awed by Monica’

What I love about Monica is she shows us that just because you’re a mom and wife it doesn’t mean your style must get boring and neglected. Visit her site on http://www.awedbymonica.com or Instagram @awedbymoni.

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AND Ashleigh of ‘TheDaileigh’


If you don’t already know Ashleigh then you my friend, live under a rock!  This lady is my go to for simple chic outfit ideas. She’s very good at using the same items over and over to create different looks. Oh,  and I’m obsessed with her short hair! #shorthairgoals  Just do yourself a favour and check her out on http://www.thedaileigh.com or Instagram @thedaileigh.


Have yourselves a stunning weekend!

AngieTinashe 😘

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