Who is AngieTinashe?

Hello You!

I decided to do this ‘get to know me’  post just for fun. I started off with roughly 30 Q&As which I was going to  cut down to 20 but I enjoyed  answering these questions so much that 20 Qs kinda… sorta… turned into… 70!  Oops.


*Don’t forget to leave your comments and more questions  below*
1. Favorite food:
I eat almost everything, depends on my mood, just feed me
2. Full name:
Technically my first name is ‘Tinashe’  then ‘M___’  then ‘Angela’
3. Spot on the family tree:
Last born of three girls
4. Star sign:
5. Weird thing I do:
I read magazines backwards
6. Wax/ thread/ tweeze eye brows:
Thread, lasts longer
7. Something you’ve never done:
Never smoked weed
8. Piercings /tattoos:
Currently have 8 piercings,  planning on 2 more. No tattoo, yet
9. Whats in your bag:
Nail cutter,  mini Modern muse,  mirror, Mineral Labello, Cherry Labello, mini Estee Lauder 8 hour creme oil, spare stud earrings, hair brush, deo, tissue, Vaseline,  pen/pencil, notebook, Learners license and my coins!!!
10. Something you don’t understand:
Hubbly bubbly (hookah)
11. Fave quotes:
Each to his own
12. Worst habit:
Not communicating my plans on time
13. Biggest fear

We wake up one day and there’s no more Internet, it’s finished

14. Nicknames:
Angie Pangie/ Angelina/ Anchie/ Frangles/ Anglova/ Angelos
13. Fave blogger:
All time fave: Shirley Eniang
Currently: Cassie Daves
14. Awards:
Does Employee of the Month count?  Lol
15. Guilty pleasures:
Any Woolies cake with caramel/ frozen strawberries with ice cream/Lindt anything/KFC zinger strips
16. Weird  things you like:

Reality TV (that stuff is not normal yo!)

17. Something i miss (from childhood):
No responsibilities
18. Dream job:
Working in a luxury paradise location. Naah that’s boring, I’d love to be a model scout. I’m always looking at people’s features
19. My collections:
Used to hoard magazines but now I’m an online content junkie
20. 3 pet peeves:

People who don’t flush the loo/being cat called in the streets/bad service with an attitude

21. Wedding song:
Well that’ll have to be decided on with my future Mr Somebody! Bob Marley – ‘Is this love?’
22. Comforts:
My diary and my bed
23. Do you smoke/drink:
No cancer sticks but a young glassa champers goes down nice
24. Embarrassing moment:
Honestly I have none
25. Something you fantasize about:
My wedding day,  cheesy I know
26. Future plans:
Get that Master’s degree baby!
27. My idea of a perfect date:
Something quiet, intimate and scenic. Botanical garden vibes or a lazy boat cruise. I am very private about quality time, no distractions and third parties please
28. Current relationship status:
Wow, I never disclose such. Single
29. Someone i miss:
My friends, they live far away
30. Something i reeeally want:
I want a car
31. Fave movie:
Forest Gump/ About Last Night
32. What you find attractive in a man:
Intelligence is sexy!
33. Something you lied about:
Can’t recall anything major right now,  I try my best to avoid lies because you have to remember everything you say. I don’t have that kind of time in my life ooh!
34. 3 things that annoy me easily:

People planning my time for me and giving me things to do- check with me first! / People who are quick to point out problems but make no effort to gives solutions and shoot down other’s suggestions / People wanting you to readjust yourself in order to suit them

35. Favorite dessert:
Malva pudding wins
36. Favorite shop:
Any home ware shop,  Mr Price Home, Volpes, @home, Boardmans. Gives me creative ideas
37. Talents:
I’m quite crafty with my hands: drawing, painting,  DIY
38. No.  of kids you want:
2, 3 is pushing it
39. Who do you tell everything, no filter:
Mostly Gaba
40. Cats vs dogs:
Both. Cats are cleaner because they’re self absorbed,  dogs are friendly and protective
41. You couldn’t live without:
My tablet and the Internet
42. Celeb you want to meet:
Mo Abudu,  owner of Ebony Life TV
43. Celeb you’d be besties with:
Minnie Dlamini- she’s genuine, seems down to earth and relatable compared to most celebs. Not everybody has to be a rags to riches story in order to be amazing
44. Insta vs Twitter vs Facebook:
Insta- because I’m very visual and creative. Facebook because of the interaction with people. Stiiiiiiill trying to get Twitter right
45. Last person you texted:
Group chat with the girls
46. Fave lyrics:
Adele- “I can’t love you in the dark” so many different meanings to that
47. Ways to win your heart:
Something artistic and creative like a painting or an ornament,  then I know you really put in the effort but if all else fails then  food,  love going out for lunches and dinners
48. Love language:
Acts of service (gestures) – going out of your way and putting in the time, effort and thought to do something specifically for me means a whole lot to me ❤
49. Something you feel strongly about:

Summer. Lol seriously, getting sanitary pads to less fortunate girls and women. Nobody should ever go without such a basic need, periods are not a taboo

50. Things you’d say to an ex:
To the one who still has a chunk of my heart- “I guess I’ll see you next lifetime” Dam!
51. “what if_?”:
Men got pregnant instead of women
52. Are you a true Gemini:
Yes, I’m a different person with everyone and I could easily live a double life
53. Something I’m proud of:
I’m proud of black women
54. 5 items i lust after:
Modern Muse perfume/ GLA Merce/ faux locs/ a Sony Xperia for camera quality / a really pretty designer bag
55. One thing you’re excited for:
The future of Africa,  Africa is the new big thing
56. A place I’d like to visit or live:
Like to visit one of those Baptist Churches we see in Black American movies,  wanna see if it’s really poppin off and all the way turnt
57. Things i dislike about myself:
Making new friends is really hard but kinda sorta getting there now /I over think and analyze things to the point where I don’t get anything done
58. Reason I started a blog:
To teach myself a skill and practically learn about digital (social)  media and marketing- it’s totally paying off
59. Current fave TV show:
Game of Thrones is life! That aside, its a toss between ‘Greed & Desire’  and ‘Isibaya’. Sometimes ‘Moments with Mo’   and ‘Destinations Africa’
60. Fave song:
Currently Alicia Keys: In Common
61. Fave vloggers:
Toke Makinwa,  she’s craaaaazy funny! / Patricia Bright
62. Media personality:
Currently Bonang Matheba, purely for the brand she’s built. One could write their Marketing thesis about her
63. Fave season:
64. A celeb you would like to hang out with:
Girl chat with the hosts of The Real
65. If i won $1m:
I’m not sure about this one because I don’t know how to make a million dollars on my own so spending it could be very very hard, such money destroys people… Anyway I’d pay off all bills and study further, travel a bit, save the rest
66. Turn off
Sms/chat lingo eg: idk wat happnd 2 m fone
67. Turn on
A chocolate man who smells really good and is significantly taller than me (I’m 1.76m)
68. Current girl crush:
Allegro D of Orgella Communications,  she’s a mogul in the making
69.Random fact:
Hunger makes me monster cranky
70. Are you okay???
Is anyone ever really okay?  but small small, one day at a time

🔹 🔷 🔹

AngieTinashe 😘

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