Goodbye Winter!

Boy am I super amped up for summer! Forget spring. I said SUMMER!

The layers are coming off, the heavy blankets are vacating my bed, I’m breaking up with my hot water bottle (it’s not you,  its me)  and goodbye itchy turtle necks.

Winter is really not my thing because I have unruly dry skin, I suffer in winter and to top it off I developed a mild allergy to nylon last August  (that’s the stuff stockings are made of) so this was my first winter trying to wear stockings as little as possible but the allergy still had its way with me. I get a blister-like rash on my legs and me being me, I scratch. Its unsightly but what is a girl to do?

The funny thing is as much as I hate winter I have great appreciation for winter fashion,  it’s so much more stylish and classy. The textures, colours, leather, wool, capes, hats, coats, boots and knits. Love it. There’s something about looking chic while trying to stay warm.


I like this cute little red poncho (yes it had to be red- my favorite colour)  is ideal for warmer yet still chilly weather  when a coat is too cumbersome and heavy. Also, its just so stylish and lady like.


A blessed Sunday to you and yours.


AngieTinashe. Xx

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