I cut up my graduation dress!

Hey there!

Finding the perfect graduation outfit can be a mission because you want to look exactly how you envisioned yourself walking across that stage to receive that degree you slaved so hard for. For my graduation I wanted something completely different from the typical cocktail/smart formal dresses and I knew I definitely wasn’t going to find what I wanted in the malls so my mom made my dress. My graduation was in March 2014, the bold bright African prints had just started trending out here around that time and I was totally obsessed with prints so I opted for a yellow print with a simple pattern design since the bright yellow attracted enough attention on its own. I’d like to think wax print, kente and ankara are probably the order of the day in most (West) African countries so here in South Africa it was a big deal and a fresh fashion statement to wear something so eccentric and loud.



It was actually far cheaper to have a home made outfit considering I was working with a tight budget, if I remember correctly the material and zip cost roughly R250. I already had the shoes and belt. My hair had been braided for about 3 weeks and still looking neat so there was no need for a trip to the salon although I’d wanted to fix in a weave but I thought ‘it’s really just one day,  a couple hours actually, rather save the money and myself from all that hair styling labour’.


Two years later, having worn the dress only twice since graduation I decided to very neatly cut it into a skirt. I was getting annoyed at having to see this pretty dress just hanging in my closet and because it was so memorable it’s not the sort of dress you’d want to repeat, I mean everyone has seen it a gazillion times already. Cutting it didn’t bother me at all, I felt the dress had served it’s purpose – I wore it to grad, looked exactly the way I wanted, took enough pics and made memories. Also, since the quality of the wax print is very poor, it’s probably not going to last very long with a few more washes. I hate having clothes in my closet I can’t wear, if I can alter, readjust, recreate into something different then I do so. If not then I let it go!


Generally I’m a person who doesn’t believe in unnecessarily buying expensive outfits for events that last only a few hours and you only wear once then keep in your closet till forever Amen. If you can afford it and the outfit is a ‘to die for’, by all means go for it but I tend to value other things a little more than clothes. True style lies in how you put an outfit together and dress yourself, not the price tag. Besides a lot of us ladies don’t like to repeat outfits anyway.

Have a lovely Friday and an even more relaxing weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

#Side note: I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in ‘Social and Marketing Research’ from the University of Johannesburg.

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AngieTinashe 😘

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