Brrrrr! It’s cold!


The weather reminded me of that cute yet annoying Coca-Cola ‘brrrrr’ ad. Yeah,  I’m feeling that kinda cold today even though our winters are getting warmer and warmer every year.  Global warming is not a myth guys.

I quite like a chunky oversized wool jersey,  it’s so easy,  care-free and comfy to wear.  It’s my “ain’t nobody got time to dress up”  look.  Lol I usually pair one with leggings, a beanie and ugg boots on a very lazy day then I’m done. I must say thick wool chunky knits are a bit hard to find  nowadays so I’d suggest a second hand store,  get your gran to knit one or raid your parents’ closet for the real old school stuff.  I got the blue one from my dad and it’s hella warm.  The gold one from Fashion Express but  I think it’s made from acrylic wool cause it’s not as heavy. Anyway they both look great.

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A lovely Sunday to you all and keep warm fam.  I’m going to smash a Woolies cake,  alone.  Haha.  Sundays are officially for Woolies cake. 

AngieTinashe. Xx

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