Code Red


I. love. red. ❤

It is my favorite colour to wear and I find it so easy to wear. Red brings freshness especially during the cold and dull winter days, there’s no need to always wear dark boring colours. It’s also bold and daring which makes you the focus of attention. I like how it makes style modern and creative, it can easily make a person more interesting and attractive.

… I can go on forever about this stunning colour…



The three things I’d say about wearing red is don’t over do your outfit, the brightness of the red is enough to make your outfit stand out. Also choose your garments wisely, not every garment looks great in a colour as eye catching as red. I mean think red pants. A definite NO! Lastly keep the garment fitted, red and is not a slimming colour so anything baggy or lose fitting will look shabby.



Outfit details:
Coat: eFashion, Witbank
Dress: Edgars
Heels: Fashion Express

🔹 🔷 🔹

AngieTinashe 😘

Here are some stylin looks for different outfit ideas:



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